Comet Press has announced the upcoming June 1st publication of Vile Things: Extreme Deviations of Horror. The anthology features award winning masters of horror and up and coming authors including: Ramsey Campbell, Graham Masterton, Randy Chandler, Tim Curran, C.J. Henderson, Jeffrey Thomas, Garry Bushell, and others. The stories, most of which are previously unpublished, encompass a wide range of subjects: the Jersey Devil, zombies, sadistic Nazis, insatiable ghouls, perverted fishermen, a cult of Basilisk, tequila worms, and more.

Table of Contents

“The Fisherman” by Brian Rosenberger
“Fungoid” by Randy Chandler
“Tenant’s Rights” by Sean Logan
“Again” by Ramsey Campbell
“Maggots” by Tim Curran
“Going Green” by Stefan Pearson
“Coquettrice” by Angel Leigh McCoy
“The Fear in the Waiting” by C.J. Henderson
“The Worm” by John Bruni
“Sepsis” by Graham Masterton
“What You Wish For” by Garry Bushell
“The Devil Lives in Jersey” by Z.F. Kilgore
“Rat King” by Jeffrey Thomas
“The Caterpillar” by C. Dennis Moore
“Poor Brother Ed” or The Man Who Visited by Ralph Greco, Jr.

With free US shipping until June 1, the anthology is available for pre-order at: Vile Things

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