Darkfuse/Delirium Books has just released the first chapter of Lee Thompson’s serial web novel Collected Songs Of Sonnelion, a pivotal book in Thompson’s Division mythos. Thanks to this sponsorship, which is intended to help promote the Delirium Book Club, the novel is available free to the public.

Description: The Collected Songs of Sonnelion is being written now by author Lee Thompson. You will be reading each new chapter as soon as it is created. Each week, Lee will turn in a new chapter, which will be published online. You can expect new chapters to be posted weekly by Friday at noon EST.

Currently, there are no other editions planned beyond this free web novel, so please take advantage of reading it now, as it will only be available to read during the period that the novel is being written plus a few weeks after it has been completed. After that, it will be removed. This publishing experiment is meant to be read to coincide with the author’s creative process. You get to read all the new chapters as soon as the author writes them. So any new plot twists or character developments occur quickly from the author’s mind to your reading experience. DarkFuse editors will be performing read-throughs to clean up any simple typos or issues to improve your reading experience.

Please sign up for the DarkFuse newsletter to get updates or any notifications of delays (not that we expect any).

Here’s where you can read the first chapter: Collected Songs of Sonnelion

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