The Coalition of The SupernaturalCoalition Of The Supernatural
Sass Cadeaux

309 Pages
ebooks: ibooks, self-published paper back
Review by Rick Amortis

When Alexia has been promoted to enforcer, a prestigious position within the Coalition of The Supernatural she must grapple with new found responsibility, power and appeasing outsiders that she’s attained a bona fide life mate. All of this and learning to co-exist in harmony with vampires, barbarians and necromancers on top of a possible deception in the ranks; will Alexia crumble under the pressure or will she ultimately rise to the challenge and take her last stand in Coalition of The Supernatural.

This introductory tale, part of a multiple volume series is a highly intriguing concept of mixing vampires, barbarians and other mystical creatures. It’s an effective, tried and true formula as demonstrated in popular, contemporary cable television and film such as Twilight, True Blood, The X-Men, etc.

The lead character of Alexia, although a touch annoying on the surface, grows on you with time and is a descent contrast of her would be partners Ridge and Drew. She’s a little immature in the initial chapters, exemplifying her humanistic character traits in a world that is far beyond solely human. These mannerisms, behaviour and apparent weaknesses allow the reader to relate to her on a much easier passageway, making COTS much more digestible and downright infectious within fifty pages or so.

An underlying theme of betrayal is well chosen and is proven to make an effective, compelling tale since the first testament. It compels the reader deeper, luring us down the spiral path of double crosses and insider information. We find ourselves rooting for the protagonists on a seemingly unconscious level as we peel back the proverbial layers as to who is responsible for attempting to thwart the mandate of the Coalition.

Cadeaux’s use of syntax or wording is perhaps a little repetitious at times but for the most part it’s a non-issue. A tremendous volume of dialogue description following their speech concludes with the chosen character as grumbling. It may seem arbitrary or nagging here. I do believe the author’s attempt was to convey the inhuman levels of communication. Yet for sheer esthetics I would have preferred to have seen a little more variety, simply just to mix it up a little.

Some well-timed humor is utilized to break up the levels of tension. The characters’ obsession with tea and taking naps was very dry wit, almost British like in composition, relenting on the rising action. It endears the reader, making the iconic characters much more similar to everyday Joe’s and Joanne’s like you and me.

Although the tale is told in the first person point of view, through the eyes of Alexia, I would have liked to have seen a little more personal information introduced. Perhaps some more exposition or history on this interesting character will reveal what makes her tick in later volumes. A great deal of her emotion is cleverly outlined through non-verbal body language appeasing to the senses rather than hitting us upon the head with obvious redundancy.

Alexia’s reluctance to fully accept her life mate Drew makes this story an overall well rounded romance, action, comedy, supernatural thriller that is without question worth a chance for fans of the genre.

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