PS Publishing has announced the upcoming publication of Terry Dowling’s Clowns At Midnight. Dowling is one of Australia’s most acclaimed short story scribblers and Clowns, his debut full-length novel, is a masterpiece of Gothic fiction and brilliantly sustained psychological tension.

Description: Troubled by coulrophobia, a lifelong fear of clowns, 41-year-old writer David Leeton goes to the north-eastern corner of New South Wales to mind a property for a friend. Not usually one to run away from his problems, David has just come out of a seven-year relationship with Julia, and needs time away from his old routines. House-sitting at Starbreak Fell seems the perfect solution.

David is especially glad of his decision when he meets his neighbours, the charming and surprisingly well educated Risi family, Sardinian Australians who raise pigs in the area, even more so when he is introduced to one of their guests at dinner, the intriguing and increasingly beguiling Gemma Ewins.

But David isn’t at Starbreak Fell very long before strange things start to happen: glimpses of masked figures, voices calling in the night, terrifying images left on his computer, events disturbingly related to his special condition which draw him again and again to the mysterious stone tower on the forested hilltop behind the house.

You can pre-order here: Clowns At Midnight

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