Not sure what to make of this one, but if you’re interested in clowns or monkeys and violence, maybe it’ll be just what you need. Clown Versus Monkey is intended to be a shattering look at a society populated only by clowns and monkeys. The folks putting it together will follow their day to day lives as their frustrations, fears, and phobias build to a crescendo of violence and horror.

Think Robert Altman’s Short Cuts meets Pee Wee’s Playhouse.

You can keep up with all in their weekly website updates, where you’ll the film created from the ground up by a consortium of film craftsmen, actors, artists, and maniacs from all over the planet.

The film will premiere on Halloween 2010.

Only 2000 copies will be created of the final film and for those of you who can’t stand waiting to to find out what happens to the clowns and monkeys, you can pre-order to secure your copy, shipping Halloween 2010.

Check out the blog to see how the film is progressing: Clown Versus Monkey

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