Bad KarmaDouglas Clegg is touting his Criminally Insane series, which includes 3 books, all centered around the Darden State Hospital for Criminal Justice in southern California: Bad Karma (#1), Red Angel (#2), and Night Cage (#3).

They’re fast, intense – but light – suspense thrillers with dark edges – a bit different from my other novels.

Description: Endless love is murder – when you’re incarcerated in a state hospital for the criminally insane. Just ask the woman called the Surgeon by the media – real name, Agnes Hatcher – and though she may be a beauty, she’s got a heart like a jagged knife.

And she won’t let go of the man she’s loved for centuries…

“The summer heat’s been brutal,” says Clegg, “and I went a little mad and took a machete and hacked away … at the price on the ebook of Bad Karma – for a limited time only – partly to celebrate my 25th year as a novelist.”

On The Kindle:

Bad Karma $.99
Red Angel $3.99
Night Cage $3.99

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