They’re alive! Douglas Clegg’s Breeder, The Children’s Hour, Nightmare House, Mischief, Bad Karma, Red Angel, The Necromancer, Afterlife, Goat Dance, Purity, The Words, Wild Things, Dark of the Eye have all done digital … with more to come.

“One of the best things about writing fiction for more than 25 year is … like a madman in an October graveyard after midnight, playing with otherworldly influences and jars full of homunculi, I get to resurrect all the novels and novellas I’ve written, some of which you’ve probably missed,” says Clegg. “And I don’t want you to miss them. No novel need ever remain among the dead and buried.”

There’s something for everyone – from the whisper of Nightmare House to the scream of Breeder, and everywhere in between in these horror and suspense novels and novellas.

“I decided to bury my pen name, Andrew Harper,” says Clegg. “in the old crypt out behind the ancient pagan ruins, and just let my own name sit on the covers for Bad Karma and Red Angel (with Night Cage coming very soon.) On their way: The Hour Before Dark, The Infinite, The Abandoned, Naomi … and still more.”

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