Classic Ghost StoriesEditor David Pickering has assembled 20 supernatural tales from the golden age of the ghost story in Classic Ghost Stories. This is volume one, with volume two right on its heels.

Description: Containing twenty of the very best supernatural tales from the golden age of the ghost story, this new selection ranges from acknowledged classics by the likes of Sheridan Le Fanu, Edgar Allan Poe and M.R. James to neglected chillers by lesser-known authors, such as Frank Cowper, William Hope Hodgson and Amelia B. Edwards. Newcomers to the genre can absorb themselves in a wide range of stories, from the quaintly comic to the genuinely frightening, while enthusiasts may also find something they have not read before or else rediscover gems they may have forgotten. Each story comes complete with a brief biography of the author.

About The Author: “Someone once described me as ‘the maven of reference book writers’ and, having written, contributed to, or ghosted some 250 such volumes for major British and American publishers, I’m glad that my various reference sources on history, folklore, language, theatre, etc have their fans. They’ve got me into dozens of television and radio studios along the way and I’ve enjoyed having ‘writer and editor’ on my passport.

“In recent years, as well as being asked to edit a number of works of fiction and autobiography, I have turned increasingly to more creative writing and editing. The first draft of my debut novel, And Stones Shall Dance, a sort of teen-Gothic extravaganza, was begun during my student days at Oxford. Things Lost comprises a selection of short stories that attracted critical praise on Youwriteon and elsewhere – and, just for good measure, there are two collections of Classic Ghost Stories, based upon performances given over many years with friends here in Buckingham.

“Hopefully, there’ll be something for everyone to enjoy!”

You can pick up the Kindle edition for only $2.99 here: Classic Ghost Stories

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