ChophouseBlack Bed Sheet Books has released both the paperback and digital editions of HORNS’ (yes, that a pen name) Chophouse.

Description: A sinister night falls over the relaxed rural community of Dominic County, and a restless evil plots its escape from years of confinement. Before the light of day would return to the quiet woodland town, many came to believe that the gates of Hell had broken open and the Devil’s minions were rampantly spreading terror and death there…

…a family on vacation

…a sheriff with a tragic childhood

…a curious young woman looking for love in the wrong place at the wrong time

…an outsider ambulance driver who finds himself in dire medical straits

…and a host of unwitting victims struggling against forces of madness and wickedness unlike anything they could’ve dared imagine. A diabolic freight train carrying insanity and murder is barreling down the dark, towering woods known to the locals as Horror Hill, and everyone in its way is getting a free-ticket ride to the other side. The Chophouse is open!

Check it out on Amazon: Chophouse

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