ChiZine Publications has announced it is offering subscription packages, allowing customers to buy all seventeen of its 2012 titles at a 40% discount.

The subscriptions come in three options: signed, limited edition hardcovers, trade paperbacks and ebooks. As with individual purchases of trade paperbacks, both the trade paperback and hardcover subscriptions also include the ebook versions. Due to shipping costs, the hardcover and trade paperback packages are only available to customers in Canada and the United States.

“Since we started, we’ve said if you liked one of our titles you’d probably like them all,” explains Co-Publisher Sandra Kasturi. “We have a large group of dedicated fans and this makes it simpler for them to get our books. For those who’ve tried a few, it’s is an easy way to try us out at a deep discount.”

“At conventions and book fairs, we’re constantly being asked if we’d do subscriptions . . . usually by people with an armload of our books,” adds Co-Publisher Brett Savory. “We’re now at a place as a business to have the infrastructure and staff to make it happen.”

Subscribers will receive the hardcover and trade paperback titles in two batches—eight titles in spring 2012 and nine in fall 2012.

Subscriptions will be accepted throughout 2012, though the hardcover package is subject to availability since only a limited number of hardcovers are produced.

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