In honour of Valentine’s Day, ChiZine Publications (CZP) has announced a new contest to match its first thirteen titles to holidays. As an example, the theme of love—twisted, painful and unnatural as it may be—present throughout the stories of Monstrous Affections make it a natural match with Valentine’s Day.

Entrants have two weeks to submit their stories by the February 28th deadline. The grand prize win must match eleven of the thirteen titles. However, if no one wins the most common correctly-guessed matches will be posted online and there will be a second two-week round of submission with the threshold increasing to twelve correct answers. If again there is no winner, a third two-week round will follow, but then all titles must be correctly matched.

The grand prize winner receives either a free trade paperback or a short story critique by CZP Assistant Editor Helen Marshall.

However, there are other prizes. Secondary prizes of a free eBook will be award to those who guess a high number of correct matches (but not enough to win the grand prize) or who match titles with amusing, but incorrect, holidays.

“This is about having some fun,” says CZP Co-Publisher Brett Alexander Savory. “Some of the matches we’ve come up with are pretty funny. And if someone can make us laugh with their submission, they should get something. And you don’t need to have read all the books and clues to the matches might be in the book’s title, the titles of short stories within it, the cover art or its description on the website.”

Full contest details can be found at: ChiZine Contest

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