ChiZine Publications (CZP) has made the eBook versions of their titles available for purchase on GoodReads, the US-based online book-sharing community, which allows users to accrue personal libraries as well as post reviews on over 78 million books.

With their author roster growing quickly with writers from the US and Europe/UK, CZP Co-Publisher Brett Alexander Savory thought this was just the next natural step. “We’ve been getting a lot of attention with our Spring books in terms of US stores, and we thought this new means of making ourselves available was a good move in the wake of that.” Savory also noted that this would be an excellent opportunity to garner more user reviews, as the GoodReads community has a major focus on comment and response when it comes to building personal libraries and lists.

But this decision not only reflects CZP’s attempts to reach beyond Canada, but its support of the eBook format. “Though we pride ourselves on limited-edition hardcovers and high quality trade paperbacks, we’re embracing eBooks,” says CZP co-publisher Sandra Kasturi.

All of CZP’s eBooks can be found, purchased and downloaded in ePub format via GoodReads by clicking on the “read eBook” option to access the preview, purchase being available from there. ChiZine Publications’ titles can be accessed from their GoodReads group at: ChiZine Publications. Though GoodReads only supports the ePub format, other formats are available for purchase via the ChiZine website.

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