Chillers, one of the most critically acclaimed Troma Films, will be venturing into an all-new anthology series of graphic novels starting in May, 2012. The graphic novel series, based on the film’s writer and director, Daniel Boyd, is edited by Boyd who also contributes some of the stories. It will be released by Transfuzion Publishing to book and comic stores on May 9, 2012.

Troma Films is supporting the release of the graphic novel with a re-release of the film on DVD that will be available also in May and the Buddy Black Band is releasing a tribute album, Witchfinger, to also coordinate with the graphic novel with the album and videos to appear in March.

“The graphic novel,” said Chillers creator, Daniel Boyd, “is similar to the Troma film in that it deals with passengers who travel a certain bus and the stories behind them.” The bus driver, Peterr Jesus, reprises his role from the film to serve as the host of comic stories ala the Cryptkeeper in the classic EC tales. “The EC feel was something I was striving for in putting the book together,” Boyd continues, “it has that feel of those great horror stories.”

The classic film from Troma Studios captured the prestigious Silver Scroll Award and won acclaim from many reviewers. Boyd, who is a Professor of Media Studies at West Virginia University, continued with other films and documentaries but always wanted to return to Chillers. “I always felt there were an unlimited number of stories and the structure of comics, being very similar to film allows the love of horror that exists to cross-over between the mediums.”

Joining Boyd on the graphic novel are a number of creators including writers Robert Tinnell, Jason Pell, William Bitner, and Gary Reed. Artists include Ger Cuti, J.C. Grande, Juan Romera, Wayne Reid, and others. It features a cover by David Michael Beck and Morgan Spurlock provides the introduction

According to Transfuzion publisher, Gary Reed, this graphic novel of Chillers is intended to be the first of many. “When you have a hosted anthology like this,” said Reed, “it’s not a gimmick but rather a narrative structure that links seemingly divergent stories together. Danny did such a great job on the film and followed that with this graphic novel.” No schedule has been set for release of forthcoming books but Reed stated that the second book was already well under way.

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