After seven years of juggling his editor and publisher hats at Delirium Books has now been in business Editor-in-Chief Shane Ryan Staley has brought in two new editors to assist Delirium.

“Over  the  past  year or so, I’ve felt that my editorial input has slipped  as more and  more of my time has been spent on running the business (dealing with bookstores, contracts, customer service, shipping, etc.),” said Staley. “In  fact, so much time is now involved with such things that for the first time in Delirium’s history, response times have lagged, book releases have been delayed and this is not a trend I want to see continuing. So effective  October 1, 2006, I have hired two people to share editorial duties with me at Delirium Books.”

Delirium’s new Associate  Editor is Greg F. Gifune, who has published and edited the magazines THE EDGE and BURNING SKY, is a full-time author and edits manuscripts for other authors. Gifune will be working with authors to better develop manuscripts for publication through Delirium Books. He will also be helping with  the  submission  pile,  reviewing  novels and collections and determining whether they will be fit under the  Delirium banner.

Delirium’s new Assistant Editor is David Marty, who has been a freelance copy editor with Delirium for the past several years. He’ll be in charge of a staff  of freelance copy editors who will work on each accepted manuscript  to prepare each book for its final printing. Marty will also be the chief editor responsible for developing Delirium’s Dark Essentials Series.

More on these changes will be forthcoming on the Delirium Insider

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