Cemetery Dance Publications is reporting a whole slew of updates. British Invasion edited by Christopher Golden, Tim Lebbon, and James A. Moore is almost completed at the printer.

Butterfly by Simon Clark, The Forum by James Newman, The Turtle Boy: Peregrine’s Tale by Kealan Patrick Burke, and Scratch by Brian Keene have all gone through one round of proofreading now. They’re working with the authors to fit signing the signature sheets into their busy schedules.

The design of Prince of Stories: The Many Worlds of Neil Gaiman by Hank Wagner, Christopher Golden, and Stephen R. Bissette is almost complete. Their designer just has to put the finishing touches on the color section of the book, and then proofreading will begin.

Proofreading of Volume One of The Century’s Best Horror Fiction is now completed. Volume Two has one more round to go. The signature sheets are moving very slowly among the contributors, but we’re doing our best to move them along.

Bob Booth and his designer are working hard on the interior design of The Big Book of Necon right now. All of the signature sheets have been printed and are beginning to circulate among the contributors. With 50+ people needing to sign these, though, it will take a while.

The last of the signature sheets for Dark Delicacies are now safely in the Cemetery Dance office, and they’re just waiting on the cover artwork and then this one will be ready for the printer.

At this point, all of the signature sheets for In Laymon’s Terms have been signed (by around 50+ contributors!) and the interior of the book has been proofread several times. They’re waiting on one last contribution from one of the editors and then it’ll be ready to go to the printer.

Grave Tales #5 has shipped to subscribers and Grave Tales #6 is deep in production at the printer. Cemetery Dance #59 is at the printer and they should be ready to go soon.

They’ve the finished interior pages for Elsewhere by William Peter Blatty, along with the signed signature sheets. As soon as the dust jacket is completed, this one will be headed to the printer. Check out the Elsewhere page if you haven’t seen the cover or the sample of Alex McVey’s previously unannounced interior artwork.

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