Cemetery Dance has two new titles in stock and shipping. The first is Afterlife by Douglas Clegg. Description: A school for special children. An unsolved murder. A terrified widow. A dream of blood and lost souls. A stranger with an unspeakable secret. It all comes together in the afterlife. Publishers Weekly says: “Stoker-winner Clegg (The Hour Before Dark) has an uncanny ability to frighten readers by chronicling everyday characters’ perilous descents into their own private hells. Julie Hutchinson mentally unravels after the brutal and mysterious murder of her husband, Jeff, in this stand-alone tale full of subtle suspense, inventive twists and credible characters. Julie has erotic nightmares and hideous hallucinations while slowly trying to piece together the decades-old puzzle involving her husband’s past work with Project Daylight, a now-defunct privately funded school that conducted experiments on young children with ESP. Eventually, with the assistance of her mother, daughter and stepson, as well as Jeff’s ex-wife and Michael Diamond, a popular TV psychic, Julie unearths bizarre secrets about her family that lead her to an underground society of scientific misfits. The book’s final sentence is guaranteed to unnerve readers and leave them wanting more.”

To learn more and/or order: Afterlife

The second title is Halloween and Other Seasons, a short story collection by Al Sarrantonio. Description: eighteen gems of weirdness, including Sarrantonio’s very first published story. You’ll experience a summer than never ends, a sleepover that turns into an unending nightmare, a summer camp that offers a one-way ticket, the strangest Halloween ever, and much more.

To learn more and/or order: Halloween and Other Seasons

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