Cemetery Dance Dinged Book SaleCemetery Dance Publications has put together a product page listing all of the different books they currently have on their “dinged or imperfect” shelves and you can buy any of these for Hugely Discounted prices!

These books have slight manufacturing defects (like no ribbon page marker in a Lettered Edition or the wrong stamping copy on the binding) or they have minor dings or imperfections due to rough handling from a bookseller who then returned the book. None of these books include a slipcase or traycase.

These books are terrific reading copies and are in very good shape (many readers wouldn’t even notice anything was wrong with most of them and most chain bookstores would still be selling them as “new”), but for various reasons explained below, Cemetery Dance Publications won’t sell them as “new” copies.

CD can’t detail the minor issues with every single copy, but all of these books fall into one or more of these categories:

  • Signed Limited Editions from the “Dinged Shelf” – meaning a retailer dinged a corner, scuffed the dust jacket, etc, and then returned it. These are great reading copies and are completely intact, including the signed signature page, but they’ll never pass as “new” again!
  • Limited Edition hardcovers missing the “signature sheet” – these books are exactly the same as the signed Limited Edition but the printer didn’t put the signature page at the front!
  • $75 to $175 books missing the slipcase and/or signature sheet – like the previous entry, only with an oversized trimsize and no slipcase or signature sheet!

You can check out the available inventory here: Cemetery Dance Dinged Book Sale

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