Cemetery Dance has announced the publication of Bone Soup by T.M. Wright, a brand new signed Limited Edition hardcover with a very affordable price tag that’s already in the warehouse and ready to ship.

Description: Be afraid, be very afraid, for within this collection — comprised of a novel, short fiction, poetry, and a few pieces of art — you will find real monsters. These monsters are all human, or were human, or want to be human, but, most importantly, they want to possess us.

These are the monsters, would-be monsters, and the monsters-in-training that we want desperately to be rid of, but which, despite our best efforts, fester and grow within us all. Wright’s ghosts are fallible, angry, confused, alone, in love, and upset: in other words, they’re human, but without all that “unpleasant physicality.”

In Bone Soup you will also find a poet’s-eye view of the world — at least the confusing, annoying, unpredictable, and often fascinating world in which the author exists.

And so, dear reader, go into T.M. Wright’s “alien heart,” accept his “good embrace.” But beware of monsters, both here, in this collection, and within yourself.

Important Notes For Collectors

  • The print run of Bone Soup is just 750 copies, which is 250 less than The Secret Backs of Things, which sold out in less than a week earlier this month
  • Like The Secret Backs of Things, this book landed a very positive review in Publishers Weekly
  • Cemetery Dance will be giving their collectors one week (or while supplies last) to order this book directly from CD to guarantee a copy for their collection, and then they will consider filling some of those retailer/library orders depending on how many copies they have left.

For more information: Bone Soup

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