The Penny Dreadful Company has released William Meikle’s Carnacki: Ghostfinder – The New Investigations, a box set of three chapbooks based on William Hope Hodgson’s character.

Meikle captures the tone and atmosphere of William Hope Hodgson’s unconventional ghost hunter, Carnacki, as the sleuth returns in three new supernatural investigations …

The Blooded Iklwa – Finds an old soldier fighting against a haunted weapon from the Zulu Wars.

The Larkhill Barrow – An old horror is called up from Salisbury Plain, a darkness that will haunt dreams.

The Sisters of Mercy – Someone, or something, is murdering the residents of the Royal Hospital. Battle hardened soldiers lie sick abed in fear for their lives … and their souls.

All three chapbooks have very nice full color covers and the set is contained in a neat black and white slipcase.

For additional information: Carnacki: Ghostfinder

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