Care and FeedingT.C. Starr has released the short story collection, Care and Feeding: A Collection of Three Hot-Blooded Horror Short Stories, in digital format for only $1.49.

Description: This is a 41-page collection of three horror stories. Warning: Violence, sexual content, and strong language.

Care and Feeding: A goth girl finally finds the man whose love can make her beautiful and whose body can bring her ecstasy—if she can stomach the price. Previously published in Dark Passions: Hot Blood #13.

Animal Instinct: Lauren is having a bad day. Her boyfriend has slipped her a sinister love potion that brings out her inner animal. Lauren struggles with primal new instincts even as they lead her down a twisted path of lust and vengeance. Previously published in Aoife’s Kiss Magazine.

The Seat: A woman’s husband loves his car more than he loves her. How far will she go to get his attention? Previously published in Chimeraworld #4, an anthology of stories about cars, sex, and death. Story received an Honorable Mention in the 20th Annual Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror.

You can pick up a Kindle edition here: Care and Feeding

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