Caden is ComingF.C. Schaefer has written what the author claims is an epic horror novel that appeals to the true fan of the Undead.

Caden is Coming begins with the robbery of a secluded mansion in the sticks of rural Georgia, but unfortunately for the gang of thieves, the man of the house is Lafayette Caden, a 190 year old ruler of a vampire clan. When one of the robbers makes off with an ancient history of the clans, written in human blood, an enraged Caden swears to get his property back and woe unto the mere mortals who have the misfortune to get in his way. These mere mortals come to include an enforcer for the Baltimore Mob, a young runaway girl traveling north in a stolen car,an alcoholic motel manager and his teenage son, the son’s best friend and the treacherous owner of an out of the way bar and strip joint, where more goes on than meets the eyes. All of them become the focus of the vampire’s wrath during what turns out to be the longest night of their lives; before it is over, perfect strangers must learn to trust and rely on one another if they are to survive until sunrise. Who’ll make it? What will be the price of survival? And who is the third party interested in getting their hands on Caden’s Book of the Undead? Find out in a journey to epic horror.

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F. C. Schaefer has always had a great love for such old school monsters as the vampire, the werewolf, and the unquiet dead. Caden is Coming is his vampire novel; at 284,000 words, roughly the length of Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot. The bloodsuckers in Caden is Coming are the true descendants of Dracula, returning them to the role of villain and anti-hero they were always meant to play.

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