Evildoers run riot across the sun-drenched Southern California landscape in Helter Skelter. Zombies, vampires, and other wicked creatures wreak mayhem and carnage in this collection of stories by Bryan Cassiday.

In his newest book, Helter Skelter, scheduled for an August 1st release, you’ll find the stories: “The Dead of the Night,” “Lamia,” “It’s for You,” “The Green Parrot,” “Blindman’s Buff,” “Room 208,” “Black Dog,” “The Undertaker,” “Shambles,” “Kiss of Death,” “Snakebit,” “Confessions from the Grave,” and “The Invisible Enemy.”

“The Dead of the Night” concerns a man who believes he has been bitten by a zombie. He has no idea how much longer he has before he himself turns into a zombie. He struggles to cope with his realization that he has only a few more hours left on earth as a living human being.

In “Lamia” a group of teenagers visits a brothel in Hollywood, only to discover it is not what it seems. Their initiation into the rites of manhood takes a tragic turn as they encounter a nest of vampires.

In “Blindman’s Buff” a blind man is stalked by a vicious thug who threatens to rob him at his home and kill him if the blind man resists. Terrified but self-reliant, the blind man believes he can defend himself despite his handicap. He goes about setting a trap for the thug to welcome him with a violent surprise that the thug will never forget.

In “Snakebit” thirty-five-year-old, out-of-work Radnor is headed for even more trouble when he is bitten by a snake in his sleep. Fearing he is dying, he must find out what kind of a snake bit him and tell the doctors in order for them to know which antidote to use to counteract the venom. The problem is, the snake escaped. Radnor knows nothing about snakes and he has no idea what kind of a snake bit him. Not only that, it was too dark for him to get a good look at the snake when it attacked him. The clock is ticking as Radnor must find the snake before its venom works its way through his system and kills him.

These are just a few of the shocking stories in Bryan Cassiday’s new book Helter Skelter, available for pre-order through Amazon.

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