The British Thunderclap Award 2008 is now open for public votes.

The British Thunderclap Award was set up to find and publicly recognize the director who, as voted for by the British film audience, is producing the most innovative or interesting work in British independent film. Be it in features, shorts, documentaries or fiction, The British Thunderclap Award aims to reward and acknowledge the director who so clearly stamps his or her own individual identity, creativity and vision on an independent film.

The awards that invariably mean the most to film makers are those which are voted for directly by the audiences who watch them. Therefore, the winner of the British Thunderclap Award will be voted for directly by you, the public.

Their panel has shortlisted seven film directors who have for one reason or another caught their attention over the last twelve months, in showing particular individuality, expression and innovation in their work. The budgets vary widely, as do the experience or professional status of the directors themselves. The official selections are:

Mark James & Phil O’Shea for Vampire Diary
Chris Jones for Gone Fishing
Franny Armstrong for The Age of Stupid
Paul Taylor for We Are Together
Vito Rocco for Faintheart
Jan Manthey for The Adventures of a Plumber in Outer Space
The Blaine Brothers for Hello Panda

To cast a vote for you favorite director: Thunderclap Award

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