Brain Damage Films has revapmed their website.

Since 2001 Brain Damage Films has been one of the largest and most respected independent horror film distributors worldwide. THeir catalog of hundreds of horror and shock movies ranges from reality/shock classics like Traces of Death to newer, high quality independent features.

What you’ll see now is their brand-new website, built to replace the 10 year-old rusted piece of junk that thousands of fans came to know and recognize. This new website has been built just for Gorehounds to help you explore everything they have to offer, keep you up to date on new releases and promotions, and to connect you with other Gorehounds. Take a look around – explore the movie catalog in the DVD section, find out about what they’re up to over on the Blog, or check out the Forum to join or start discussions!

You’ll notice in the DVD section that in addition to all the Brain Damage movies on DVD they carry quality DVD and Blu-Ray releases from their sister company, Midnight Releasing, as well as whatever else they feel like selling including BDF clothing!

To top that all off, they’ve got an entire Video On Demand section with over 100 horror movies available for instant download or streaming to your computer, DVR, or other internet connected device through Amazon Video On Demand.

Check it out: Brain Damage Films

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