Boone’s Dock Press has launched a 50/50 fiction contest.

The Concept

This is a proper 50/50 contest. Remember the raffle at the church supper? It’s just like that. Boone’s Dock collects all of the entry fees and splits the cash with the winner, who will be published and formally announced in the next issue of Boone’s Dock Review.

What They Like

Boone’s Dock is not bound to any particular form, subject matter, or style, but are interested specifically in the literary merit of the work. They hope to see a strong voice that is both timely and timeless. Above all, they think these two are the qualities of any great art, and they will strongly consider all manuscripts that display both for publication, regardless of the contest’s outcome.

For complete guidelines: Boone’s Dock 50/50 Fiction Contest

Boone’s Dock Press originated in a moment of pure inspiration and seeks to bring that authenticity to everything they produce and promote. Their mission goes far beyond publishing books and promoting great writers and artists. They are driven by a comprehensive philosophy that requires strict attention to detail, visionary demonstrations of artistic capability and elevated consciousness, environmental responsibility, financial responsibility and service to humanity.

In addition, Boone’s Dock Press is having a giveaway for the month of October. Everyone who likes them on Facebook or Google+ by October 31 is entered to win a special Halloween edition of their Boone’s Dock Review.

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