Trailer Trash
Scott T. Goudsward

DarkHart Press
Trade paperback, 280 pages, $14.99
Review by Keith Eure

Trailer Trash is a first novel for Mr. Goudsward, I believe. It has some of the typical problems of a first novel, i.e. somewhat incoherent plot, typos, etc. Be advised I was reading an advance reader copy (ARC) so some of the problems might be corrected before the book hits a bookstore near you.

Trailer Trash concerns a guy named Elvis. No, not that Elvis. This is just a trailer park living, beer drinking country boy. Whose whole family is killed by a coven of vampires. When this happens, Elvis swears to kill every vampire he finds and with his best friend in tow, they proceed to do just that. Elvis and his friend meet up with another vampire hunter who tells them he works for an outfit that pays him to kill vamps. Elvis and his friend quickly team up with the newcomer. Elvis soon has his doubts about the newcomer’s “bosses” and the suspicion begins to get the best of him.

The book cuts between Elvis and his merry band of vampire killers and the coven of vampires. We are told the story of how several of the vampires came to America and just how ruthless the leader of the coven can be.

All in all this book was a decent read. Some of the cuts between Elvis and the coven were a little abrupt and I found myself having to re-read pages to “remember” where I was in the story. But I think a decent editor would be able to finesse the book to help that.

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