The House Of Blood
Wayne C. Rogers

Pink Flamingo Publications, Paperback, 253 pages
Reviewed by Keith Eure

The House Of Blood is a new book from Pink Flamingo Publications, a publisher that specializes in Femdom erotica. That’s female domination, as in bondage and discipline and sado-masochism. I normally don’t get into this particular genre of erotica as I’m not into BDSM. The book was … different. The story is this: A writer and his wife buy an old house in Las Vegas. The house used to belong to a famous and notorious dominatrix named Lady Anne. The house is rumored to be haunted by the ghost of Lady Anne and her victims.

Soon after the writer, Chris, and his wife, Katherine, move into the house Katherine becomes possessed by the ghost of Lady Anne and starts to dominate Chris. He takes most of this abuse and never says much.

There were absolutely no reasons to like the character of Katherine. She was a bitch before they bought the house and got worse as time went on. Chris took the abuse as long as he could and was nearly killed for staying.

The book was an ok read. Not something I would recommend to friends, nor would I want to read this on a regular basis. That being said, if BDSM is your cup of tea, then you will probably enjoy this book.

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