Read By Dawn Volume 2
Edited by Adele Hartley

Published by Bloody Books
Paperback, 240 pages, $16.95 (US)
Reviewed by Keith Eure

When I got the book Read By Dawn in the mail and had taken it out and given it a cursory once-over, I thought to myself that I probably wouldn’t like many of the stories contained between the covers. Thankfully I was wrong!

All the writers in the book are new (to me at least). That being said, you will need to watch your local bookstores for works by them. The stories in Read By Dawn were a varied lot of haunted houses, ghosts, serial killers, etc. Just about all of the stories were very well written and the publisher did a superb job of making sure the typos and such were kept to a bare minimum.

Brian G. Ross’s story, “Between The Screams,” was goose bump inducing and “Fingers,” by Jamie Killen had me cringing while I was reading!!

Bloody Books Publishing should be proud of this addition to the series. Great stories, great attention to detail, great fun reading it! All in all a great book and one that I would recommend to anyone to read!

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