Richard Laymon

Leisure Books
Paperback, 416 pages, $7.99
Reviewed by David Simms

Thank God for Leisure and their decision to reissue Richard Laymon’s novels. For years, fans had to scour the internet for British editions for the rollicking tales of horror. Now, everyone here can enjoy what equates to a literary version of the best rides in Disney World (well, if Stephen King & Hugh Hefner signed on as the architects).

Cuts is a welcome addition to the Laymon library. Usually, there exists a protagonist and an villain, sometimes with the good guy getting in touch with his or her darker side for the fun of it. In Cuts, there are ninemajor points of view! Yet instead of ending in a train wreck, Laymon engineers a lean, sleek plot between the various people into a cohesive storyline that is quite satisfying. As much a horror novel as macabre dissertation on the social structure of the education system, along with the revolving doors of sex and relationships, the non-murderous characters act almost as disturbing as slice and dice Albert (at least he’s clear about what he wants!) I’m accustomed to a great ride, but zipping through the eyes of those wild, well-drawn characters as slice happy Albert carves up the country on a blood-soaked road trip, left me exhausted – happily.

While not as great as The Traveling Vampire Show or Savage, this novel ranks high on the list. For anyone who hasn’t read Laymon yet, you could do a hell of a lot worse in choosing this title.

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