Bloodlines: Richard Matheson’s Dracula, I Am Legend, And Other Vampire Stories
Edited by Mark Dawidziak

Omnibus Collection
Gauntlet Press
Oversized, 520 pages, $85.00
Review by Greg Lamberson

Bloodlines (not to be confused with F. Paul Wilson’s Bloodline, also available from Gauntlet Press) is a handsomely produced hardcover compendium of Richard Matheson’s vampire material.  This includes the screen treatment and shooting script for Dan Curtis’s version of Dracula, an unproduced screenplay adaptation of Matheson’s seminal novel I Am Legend, and three bloodsucker-themed short stories.

Matheson has often called his Dracula collaboration the best and most faithful version of Bram Stoker’s novel (the 1973 project was once called Bram Stroker’s Dracula, the moniker Francis Ford Coppola used for his 1992 version).  I’ve actually never been a fan of this film, despite a strong performance by Jack Palance, but the screenplay is interesting for several reasons.

To read the complete review: Bloodlines

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