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Not to be outdone in a year that has seen a series of new tablet devices released by its competitors, Barnes & Noble has unveiled the 7-inch Nook HD starting at $199 (8GB) and the 9-inch Nook HD+ starting at $269 (16GB), a new generation of redesigned, lightweight multimedia tablet readers with sharper, high resolution screens, faster processors and new shopping interfaces and recommendation software. The new devices are available for preorder beginning today in the U.S. and the U.K. for shipping in late October and they will be on store shelves by November.

The new devices also come on the heels of B&N’s announcement of the launch of Nook Video, a new B&N video content service offering movies and TV Shows on Nook devices, and the appointment of Patrick Rouvillois as v-p, managing director-international, to head up its international efforts to market its Nook devices outside the U.S. Indeed these new announcements highlight the transformation of B&N into a technology/media company offering state-of-the art hardware, and digital content to consume on it, to an international reading market.

Barnes & Noble CEO William J. Lynch, on hand at a downtown Manhattan hotel during a long day of media presentations on the devices, said they have a “combination of the highest resolution screen, lightest weight and expansive access to the content rendered in digital quality never before seen.” B&N organized a methodically comprehensive presentation on both devices (this reporter was there for over 2 hours) and executives were arrayed at multiple stations around a hotel suite in lower Manhattan to explain and hype every aspect and feature of the new devices.

Read the complete article here: B&N Unveils Redesigned Nook Tablet Devices

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