Bluewater Productions has announced the upcoming release of Distortions Unlimited this December. Referred to as a unique horror comic that revolves around existing full-scale monster and alien animatronics, the three issue series is based on licensed characters crafted by Distortions Unlimited based in Greeley, CO. Distortions is world-renowned for creating shocking props, masks and animatronics that have been the mainstay of the dark amusement industry for the last 30 years. The company is best known for reproducing the 16 foot queen alien from the film Alien cast from the original molds, as well as designing the stage props for music industry icon Alice Cooper’s Brutal Planet tour.

The first issue of the series delves into the horror unleashed on the earth with the collapse of a mine. The plot was crafted with multiple, intertwining layers that combine fantasy and true-life events ripped from today’s headlines. Local Denver celebrities, Uncle Nasty and Matt Need from Clear Channel’s KBPI and Allana Rizzo from Rocky Mountain Fox Sports Net have lent their likeness to the project.

Crosier will bring a unique look to the books by illustrating with his watershed technique. All covers and interior pages of the series will be created with graphite on wood poplar panels. Crosier’s influence for the series is Dark Horse’s B.P.R.D. 1946. The books will have a high contrast, distressed, organic look.

The creative team will also include veteran inker Peter Palmiotti. Palmiotti has worked for a variety of comic publishers including Marvel Comics, DC Comics, and Image.

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