Bloodmarsh KrackoonThe official website for the comedy horror film Bloodmarsh Krackoon has gone live, and Amuck Productions has posted the first trailer. Jerry Landi wrote and directed this sequel to the film festival circuitcult favorite Krackoon, which also serves as a reboot for horror fans who did not see the original. Marc J.Makowski (Slime City,Slime City Massacre) produced the film, for which he is currently providing CGI with his South Bronx EFX Works partner, Julio Garay. Krackoon Bloodmarsh, which tells the story of mutant raccoons with a bad habit infesting the Bronx, is scheduled for completion at the end of this year and should premiere in January 2013. Sal Amore, who appeared in the original, co-stars with actress and former Playmate Cindy Guyer (Psycho Cop), Gina De Salvatore and returning Joe Ferri.

“In Krackoon I played a supporting character and did minimal work behind the scenes,” says Amore. “We didnt have a lot of technology or equipment and our Krackoon was a hand puppet. In Bloodmarsh Krackoon we had animatronic special effects and CGI, and also better equipment and a bigger crew. I was involved with every aspect of the production; I was lead actor and worked as line producer, I handled the scheduling, and I secured locations and cast some roles, which enabled Jerry Landi to concentrate on the creative aspects as the director. The atmosphere on set was filled with a lot of positive energy, we worked hard and put in long hours. We were focused and had a plan.”

Krackoon screened at the New York International Independent Film and Video Film Festival, where it won Best Cult Film and Best Horror Film, and recently screened at Buffalo Screams Horror Film Festival, where the filmmakers also screened footage for their latest creation. Krackoon’s short running time precluded distribution, a factor which the filmmakers have addressed in their re-boot.

Bloodmarsh Krackoon plays like a comedy until the last fifteen minutes, when it gets very dark,” promises Makowski. “Jerry really fulfilled the promise he showed with the first film and did the concept justice. We’re looking forward to unleashing Red Eye the Krackoon on an unsuspecting world!”

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