This one nearly slipped by us altogether, so we want to make sure it doesn’t slip by you. Hippocampus Press has released Joseph S. Pulver Sr.’s short story collection, Blood Will Have Its Season, in trade paperback for only $15.00.

Joseph S. Pulver, Sr. is the acclaimed author of the Lovecraftian novel Nightmare’s Disciple and author of many short stories that have appeared in magazines and anthologies. He has received several Honorable Mentions in Datlow & Windling’s The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror.

Description: The dark, forbidding alleys of our ruined cityscapes; the hopeless lives of brutalized whores, amoral hit-men, and vengeful victims of violence-these are the landscapes and characters that fill the stories, poems, and prose-poems of Joseph S. Pulver, Sr. in his first collection. And yet, there is a strange and intoxicating beauty to Pulver’s creations, for they transport the reader out of the mundane and into the unearthly by the effortless stroke of a dazzling metaphor.

Many of Pulver’s stories are innovative riffs on the enigmatic mythology of The King in Yellow, pregnant with the demonic witchery of the original. With this collection, Pulver has placed himself in the forefront of contemporary fantasy and horror literature.

Table of Contents

  • Choosing
  • Carl Lee and Cassilda
  • Line of Questions
  • PITCH nothing
  • I, Like the Coyote
  • Blood Will Have Its Season
  • mr wind sits
  • The Prisoner
  • An American Tango Ending in Madness
  • Orchard Fruit
  • The Songs Cassilda Shall Sing, Where Flap the Tatters of the King
  • The Night Music of Oakdeene
  • Dogs Begin to Bark All Over My Neighborhood
  • Chasing Shadows
  • But The Day Is A Tomb of Claws
  • In This Desert Even The Air Burns
  • And She Walks Into The Room . . .
  • a certain Mr. Hopfrog, Esq., Nightwalker
  • The Black Litany of Nug and Yeb
  • Erendira
  • An Engagement of Hearts
  • An Event Without Knives or Rope
  • One Side’s Ice, One’s Fire
  • A Spider in the Distance
  • PAIN
  • A Night of Moon and Blood, Then Holstenwall
  • Under The Mask Another Mask
  • W a t e r l i l i e s
  • Yvrain’s Black Dance
  • No Exit Sign
  • Lovecraft’s Sentence
  • Midnight on a Dead End Street in Noir City
  • The Master and Margeritha
  • Hello Is A Yellow Kiss
  • The Faces Of She
  • Good Night And Good Luck
  • Patti Smith, Lovecraft & I
  • The Collector And The Hand Puppet
  • The Only Thing We Have To Fear . . .
  • The Corridor
  • Stone Cold Fever

“The prose of Joe Pulver can take its place with that of the masters of our genre-Poe, Lovecraft, Campbell, Ligotti-while his imaginative reach is something uniquely his own.” -From S. T. Joshi’s Foreword

To learn more and/or order: Blood Will Have It’s Season

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