Greg F. Gifune’s latest novel, Blood In Electric Blue, is shipping March 25th from Delirium Press and is now up for preorder through the Horror Mall. This is part of the Delirium hardcover subscription. Subscribers were sent an e-mail with a special link to order earlier this afternoon. Non-subscribers can pick up their copy now by going to Horror Mall.

Dignon Malloy lives with his cat Mr. Tibbs in a rundown apartment in the heart of a dreary, nameless, industrial coastal city. Haunted by dark visions, memories of horrific childhood abuse and the recent murder of a coworker, his is a lonely, sad and painful existence … until he ventures into a used bookstore and comes across an old paperback titled Mythical Beings in a Mortal World.

Inside, someone has written a name-Bree Harper-and a phone number. Is it an innocent note left by the previous owner, or something far more sinister? As Dignon delves deeper into the book, and who, or possibly what, the beautiful and enigmatic Bree Harper is, he begins to realize finding this book may not have been a random event after all. His life and history may be more complex than he realized, and his role in the universe much deadlier than he ever imagined.

As Dignon moves closer to the truth, the lines between pain and beauty, and the horrors of the past and the terrifying realities of the present, become strangely malleable, blurring what is real and what is myth, who and what he and those around him may be, what the ghosts haunting him from his past may truly mean, and how the evil mythological creature stalking him may not be a myth at all, but horrifyingly real.

Check it out: Blood In Electric Blue

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