In case you missed it, last year, Speaking Volumes released B.L. Morgan’s Blood for The Masses in a digital edition for $4.99.

Descripton: Detective John Dark is back for what could easily be his toughest assignment yet. Hired as a body guard for a group of exotic dancers, Dark thinks he is in for easy money and easy kicks. But nothing is ever easy for Dark, and he is soon faced with an enemy with the power of time travel. When the exotic dancers he was hired to protect are kidnapped and sent back to ancient Rome, Dark and his best friend Johnny throw themselves, literally, into this new assignment. From gladiators to emperors, from monks to goddesses, detective John Dark will have to travel through time, fight for his life and the lives of his friends, and save the day as only he can.

You can pick it up for the Kindle here: Blood for The Masses Kindle

You can pick it up for the Nook here: Blood for The Masses Nook

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