Blood and Rain by B. L. Morgan is out in both paperback and digital editions.

Description: When walking on the dark side it is important to remember your way home. Unless you are private investigator, John Dark, who makes his home far from the light. In the drug-infested streets of East St. Louis, alcoholic John Dark gets the cases deemed too dirty for the cops to touch. Battling grime with grime, Dark does his job without a touch of class and sans any emotion. When his cases get weirder, and darker, John Dark finds enough heart to save the day, save the girl, and just maybe find his way home again. This exciting detective story by B.L. Morgan will pull you into the depthless shadows of the crime-ridden streets, and into the horrific cases of John Dark.

“The original plan with the series is one that I’m sticking with,” says Morgan. “Blend horror and noir with a self torturing main character and throw all the rules out the window. John Dark can end up in the middle of an ordinary murder mystery that could take place in the real world, or in a face off with a Voodoo Bokor who can manipulate time with an army of Zombies behind him, or he could end up in Ancient Rome fighting in the Coliseum. With this series, the rules have been erased. It’s all about entertainment. These days, with the state of the world people need to escape every now and then. That’s what The John Dark Books are for.”

You can order from Amazon here: Blood and Rain

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