Bleed on MeRedrum Horror and Abattoir Press have announced the release of the second volume in their ongoing Abattoir Novella Series: Bleed On Me by horror writer, Shane McKenzie.

Description: Chris Taylor is a good-for-nothing loser, living off his late pornstar mother’s inheritance in a rat-hole apartment. Chris has absolutely nothing going for him until the night he decides to complain to his neighbors about their pounding music—and finds all but one of them butchered. But the bodies don’t stay dead, they reanimate and reform in bizarre, horrible ways, and now it is up to Chris and his tenuous alliance with a drug dealer named Spade to put an end to the demonic menace before it’s too late.

And all Chris has to do is bleed…

About The Author: Shane McKenzie is a horror author that lives in Austin, TX with his wife and daughter. He writes horror books for Deadite Press and Gallows Press, and is the co-owner and editor of Sinister Grin Press. Also, he is going to kill you.

You can pick up a copy of the paperback from Amazon here: Bleed on Me

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