Blankety Blank: A Memoir of Vulgaria, by D. Harlan Wilson, was released by Raw Dog Screaming Press last August and slipped under our radar. The book revolves around the strange and terrible foibles of an irreal serial killer and a middle-aged Dutch American patriarch who resides in near-future Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Here’s the jacket copy: Rutger Van Trout has worse problems than his mundane existence in the all-consuming, all-suppressing Vulgaria of Grand Rapids, Michigan. It’s not that his son might be turning into a werewolf, or that his daughter might be a nymphomaniac. The problem does not lie in his obsession with transforming his middle-class estate into a three-ring barnyard. He doesn’t even mind his wife’s (possibly) haunted skeleton or the freak-of-the-week superheroes and window-jumpers populating his neighborhood. The complication has invaded his community in the form of a new breed of serial killer named Mr. Blankety Blank, who stalks from house to house throughout the Vulgaria leaving a bloodbath that would make Jack the Ripper himself blush …

You can order directly from here: Blankety Blank

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