The Cage by Jason Brannon is now available for pre-order from Black Death Books. Description:  A caravan proclaiming itself Captain Omaha’s Cryptozoological Fair and Freak Show pulls into the town of Crowley’s Point, bearing cargo that is both deadly and highly intelligent. A broken family embarks on a day of fun to try and repair all of the damage that adultery has wrought, unaware that there are things loose in the world that can tear a family apart which have nothing to do with infidelity. A storm is brewing that will pit man against beast and beast against something much, much worse. In the span of a few hours the zoo known as The Preserve will become a breeding ground for atrocity and bloodshed. The family trapped inside will forget all about their own inner turmoils and focus on fending off the cryptozoological monsters that a raging storm has let loose. The zoo has become much more than a zoo. It has become a cage, and humans are now the ones being held captive by Mother Nature and her bloodthirsty children. Will any of them survive as The Chupacabra, The Jersey Devil, and The Beast of Exmoor run wild, seeking delicate human morsels to devour? Will any of them escape The Cage? Trade paperback: $14.99. To pre-order: The Cage

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