Beware the Dark is coming your way, and you really need to check it out.  If you like horror, and why would you be on this page if you didn’t, you’ll really enjoy this magazine.  I work with Paul Fry on a fairly regular basis, and if he is the editor, then I can safely recommend it to you.  Below are the details:

beware the darkBEWARE THE DARK #1

Edited by Paul Fry

Cover art © by Vincent Chong


Horror Fiction & Dark Art


Estimated shipping date is 25th of October, 2013


Horror Fiction & Dark Art:

“Potential” by Ramsey Campbell *

“Twins” by Jack Ketchum *

“Empathy” by Kealan Patrick Burke *

“The Dying Season” by James B. Carter

“Asleep with the Black Goat” by Aaron J. French

“To Turn a Blind Eye” by Jeremy Terry

“Si or No?” by Timothy McGivney

“Cross My Heart, Hope to Die” by Sheri White

“Pool Days” by Russell C. Connor

“Company at the Lavoisier” by Terry ‘Horns’ Erwin


“Potential” by Ramsey Campbell was originally published in Demons by Daylight. Arkham House, 1973.

“Twins” by Jack Ketchum was originally published in Peaceable Kingdom. Subterranean Press, 2003.

“Empathy” by Kealan Patrick Burke was originally published in Corpse Blossoms, edited by Julia & R.J. Sevin. Creeping Hemlock Press, 2005.


Story Illustrations & Artwork:

Alfred Klosterman

Luke Spooner

Glenn Chadbourne

Eleanor Bennett

Stephen Cooney

Allen Koszowski

Daniele Serra

Vince Natale

Gallery: Vincent Chong


Columns, Interviews & Reviews:

Ray Garton: An Introduction

Nancy Kilpatrick: Bones in England

Robert Morrish: Nightlight

Ty Schwamberger: The Dark Spot

A Brief Conversation with Vincent Chong by Paul Fry

Interview with Kasey Lansdale by Ty Schwamberger

Writer/Director Luke Brady Talks Young, High and Dead by Vi Reaper




© Individual Authors


Title Details:

RRP Price: £7.95

Publisher: Short, Scary Tales Publications

Release Date: October, 2013

ISSN: 2053-0307

ISBN: 978-1-909640-13-9

Full-colour Interior

Pages: 158


Issue #1:



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