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Bedlam Stories: The Anthology

A collection of fan fiction, art and other dark works. This book will be published as an Anthology from the collected works submitted by fans on works inspired by the Bedlam Universe.

The Anthology will feature the top works submitted to us by fans. Works not chosen here will still be made available for free on this website. Winners chosen will be able to share in on the revenue made by the book once it’s published.

Works submitted can range from short stories, art, sketches and even poems. Fans are encouraged to be as creative as possible and will be judged by Pearry Teo and Christine Converse.This is a portal for fans to share, exchange ideas using their imagination on the rich worlds created by Pearry Teo.

We are not looking for the best writers, or the most talented artist. We are looking for people with passion and the courage to take their creativity to new levels of darkness to share with the world.

This book is not intended to be made for profit. It is to share the art and creativity of our fans. This is our way of giving back to you!


Before starting work on your submissions, please e-mail a synopsis or a brief description of your art to [email protected] This is to ensure that nobody else is doing something too similar to your work. We suggest e-mailing us as quick as possible so we can ensure your ideas can be a unique contribution that nobody else is doing.

Deadline for all submissions will be December 1st.

There are many ideas for submitting works. But it is important that the work must BELONG to you. And that you are the original creator of it. It must also derive from the Bedlam Stories universe in order to qualify for submissions.

Bedlam Stories and it’s trademark remains the property of Darkhaus Press and Pearry Teo. For more info on the book, you can purchase it by clicking on this link.

To start you off, here are some potential ideas you can use:

– Events of Bedlam Asylum through the eyes of an inmate (or Orderly)
– How Wonderland took over Oz
– The Mad Hatter’s Lament
– The Secret Diary of Nurse Ball
– The First Patient in The Vault
– An Orderly’s View of Doctor Braun’s Experiments
– A Letter to Nellie Bly
– Around Bedlam Asylum: Rose’s Journey

The possibilities are endless. Again, it could be a poem, even a drawing to be included in The Anthology. Details of revenue sharing will be that selected works will share into a pool of 20% net profits.

Works that are not selected for the anthology will still be featured on our website.


Please follow the rules of submissions before you begin

– All stories sent in must be the original work of the artist / author. Winners will be required to sign a contract releasing us of any liability that might arise from it.
–  All stories must derive from the Bedlam Stories Universe.
– Any reference to Dorothy and Alice must come from the Bedlam Stories Universe .e.g. Dorothy has silver slippers splattered with blood, not ruby slippers.
– All stories should be in Times New Roman font. Any other font should be used minimally. If you choose to utilize unique fonts, please submit a copy of your font together with your submissions
– All art must be in 300 DPI resolution and understand that black and white printing will be the final product. Colored drawings will be made available through our website.
– You may send in more than one entry, but it must be in a different artistic medium (You can send a short story, a poem and art). If you are sending in more than one artistic medium (.e.g. 2 short stories), only one will be chosen.
– All submissions must come with full name, address and a short bio.
– All submissions must be send to [email protected]

All submissions will be judged directly by Pearry Teo and Christine Converse.

We cannot wait to see all the untapped creativity waiting to be unleashed from your minds and look forward to seeing all your work. If you have any questions, please email it to [email protected]

Terms and conditions are subjected to change. We will e-mail any info out to our applicants.

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