After enjoying the World Horror Conventio in Austin, Texas, Bad Moon Books shipped their books home, only to discover upon their arrival that some of them didn’t arrive in as good shape as they had left. So Bad Moon Books has some “hurt” books that are more than acceptable reading copies, even copies for the not discerning collector, that they are now offering at great savings (as long as the supplies last). All copies have dustjackets where applicable, and are not “pc” copies.

Below, you’ll find a list of titles. Grab up what you want, send Liz an email at, cc Roy Robbins at, and they can set up a PayPal invoice with exact shipping cost, or arrange credit card payment. You can even send a check or money order.

  • 5 x Vintage Soul by David Niall Wilson (Retail: $65) $30
  • 4 x Sparrow Rock by Nate Kenyon (Retail: $55) $25
  • 2 x The Dead Parade by James Roy Daley (Retail: $65) $25
  • 5 x A View from the Lake by Greg F. Gifune (Retail: $55) $25
  • 2 x Siren by John Everson (Retail: $60) $30
  • 4 x As Fate Would Have It by Michael Louis Calvillo (Retail: $50) $20
  • 2 x Johnny Gruesome by Greg Lamberson (Retail: $45) $20
  • 3 x Crimson by Gord Rollo (Retail: $65) $30
  • 4 x The Day Before by John Skipp & Cody Goodfellow (Retail: $17.95) $4
  • 9 x This Ghosting Tide by Simon Clark (Retail: $18.95) $5
  • 13 x Jade by Gene O’Neill (Retail: $19.95) $6
  • 5 x Little Things by John R. Little (Retail: $20) $10
  • 3 x The Gray Zone by John R. Little (Retail: $19.95) $8
  • 1 x The Samhanach by Lisa Morton (Retail: $15) $5
  • 3 x Doc Good’s Travelling Show by Gene O’Neill (Retail: $19.95) $5
  • 3 x Little Graveyard on the Prairie by Steven E. Wedel (Retail: $50) $20
  • 2 x Necropolis by John Urbancik (Retail: $17.95) $5
  • 2 x Lord of the Lash by Weston Ochse (Retail: $19.95) $5
  • 5 x Red Empire by Joe McKinney (Retail: $15) $4

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