Awaken The Dead, distributed by Brain Damage Films, is a high caliber drama filled with action, humor and the living dead. Description: Two lost souls must band together as a virus infects the world around them. Christopher, a former killer turned priest battles his own inner demons while Mary, a spirited recluse, battles the world. Thrown together, neither knows what brought them there or what is changing the neighborhood around them. Their search for answers forces them to confront hidden truths and a web of conspiracy. The ensemble cast includes a terrified Jehovah’s witness, an over the top ex-marine and his wife, two Asian Schoolgirls, and a massive killer pimp. It is a story of poetic justice, moral growth, cynical laughter and zombies.

“What sets this zombie flick apart is that it isn’t about zombies,” says writer/director Jeffery McMichael Brookshire. “Sure, there are zombies in it, but it’s really an espionage thriller/dark comedy set in a world of the undead. Unlike many zombie flicks, everything is explained. Where the zombies come from. Who the characters are. Their past. Their weaknesses, etc. It’s a full three act movie with character development, subtle and dark humor, killer alternative music and some promising up and coming actors. In short, it’s a zombie flick with a story and some kick ass characters.

Awaken The Dead has two meanings. 1)The obvious one and 2)That these social outcasts are dead to the world and hiding from their fears. This conspiracy/outbreak forces them to join the living and face their past. It’s a big budget script not limited by budget but rather straining against it.”

A release date will be set by Brain Damage Films later this year. In the meantime, you can visit the movie’s official website here: Awaken The Dead. You can also view the movie trailer here: Awaken Trailer

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