THE 6th Extinction: A Sigma Force Novel


“Fans of the series and lovers of wall-to-wall action in general will have a great time. For speed freaks (narrative speed, that is), Rollins always delivers the goods. Readers, start your engines.” — David Pitt, Booklist

I think that quote sums up the new book perfectly — so get those engines revving for the debut of THE 6TH EXTINCTION, the biggest and most spectacular Sigma Force novel to date! This book also marks a milestone: the tenth installment in the Sigma Force series, releasing on its tenth anniversary. Knowing that, I wanted this book to be HUGE in scope and wild in action, tackling none other than the very extinction of humankind.

Working toward that goal, I interviewed a slew of different experts in their fields—from environmentalists to synthetic biologists, from archaeologists to WWII historians—all to better understand why this mass extinction event is happening today and how it might be stopped tomorrow. The details I uncover and reveal in this book are grounded in real-world science and history, and the result will shock and astound! From the voyage of Charles Darwin aboard the HMS Beagle to today’s wondrous creatures found in Antarctica, THE 6TH EXTINCTION takes you on an unparalleled journey.

This milestone book also draws upon everything I love about writing the Sigma series: historical mysteries, cutting-edge science, and strange and astonishing lost worlds. In THE 6TH EXTINCTION, I unveil new outposts, hidden on our planet: one born out of the ancient past, another that glimpses into our future.

So please join me on this tenth voyage into adventure, mystery, and scientific intrigue!

Read Prologue + Chapters 1-2

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