David Searls is a horror writer who came out with his first novel, Yellow Moon, back in 1994. At the time, he showed a lot of promise, enough to get signed by a major publisher, Warner Books; however, the horror audience wasn’t there for him. Like many other talented horror writers of the late-nineties (think Scott Nicholson) he drifted into obscurity. That doesn’t mean he stopped writing, though. Horror Author Spotlight with Samhain Horror’s David Searls…

The Mile High Horror Film Festival is accepting submissions for the 2012 festival. The festival will take place Oct. 5-7, 2012 at Denver FilmCenter/Colfax. They are an IMDb qualifying Festival, which means that all films in consideration will receive an invitation to ceate a title page on the Internet Movie Database web site. The Mile High Horror Film Festival Submission Details

Horror fans are in for a treat come 2013 with the potential release of both a new upcoming graphic novel and a film, directed by horror legend Wes Craven. The graphic novel, titled Coming of Rage, will be penned by Craven and 30 Days of Night creator Steve Niles.

For Pepper, what should be a 72-hour stay at the New Hyde Hospital’s psych ward turns into a prolonged, drug-induced incarceration. But as a troublemaker with a cynical edge, the mental institution gives Pepper the chance to confront his personal demons. And also a real demon. The Devil in Silver by Victor LaValle

Stine writes six Goosebumps books a year and at least one novel. A horror story for adults, Red Rain, about evil children, is due later this year. Stine spoke with Reuters about his extraordinary productivity: R.L. Stine scares boys and girls, just a bit

Author John Schweingrouber has released the horror/suspense series Legends and Landmarks for e-readers using Amazon’s Kindle. “It’s exciting to update the series and reach a new audience,” Schweingrouber says. “It’s always a fun challenge to introduce some interesting twists with the characters and the plot to keep the book exciting and the story fresh for my readers.”

And they say Hollywood has run out of ideas! Warner Bros is apparently set to terrify viewers once again by working on a prequel to Stanley Kubrick’s classic horror movie The Shining. Here’s Johnny (again!): Prequel to classic horror movie The Shining is ‘in the works’

With six successful horror novels notched into his belt, Bram Stoker Award-winner John Everson is no stranger to sex and violence, but the BDSM-addled NightWhere is easily his most graphic book to date. In Everson’s dark, harrowing tale, a bondage enthusiast gets herself deeply involved with a cultish S&M nightclub, compelling her crazily devoted boyfriend to endure tests of torture and humiliation in an attempt to rescue her. Read the full review…

The plot of Benjamin Wood’s first novel, The Bellwether Revivals, is reminiscent of those horror flicks Jamie Lee Curtis used to star in back when she was known as the “scream queen,” rather than as the spokesperson for Activia yogurt and women’s regularity. Read the full review…

Central Texas is now a hotspot for dark fiction, and Austin is the epicenter of that movement. Nate Southard, Ed Kurtz, Wrath James White, Boyd Harris, Robert Jackson Bennett and Shane McKenzie are all top-notch authors that call this city home. However, it’s Lee Thomas’ recent Lambda Literary Award — his second — which cements Austin as an important place in the current literary landscape. Read an interview with this Bram Stoker aware winning author…

Meghan Cox Gurdon’s now infamous June 2011 Wall Street Journal essay, which decried the darkness of today’s YA fiction, launched a flurry of commentary – and at least one new publishing house. Month9Books, a startup focusing on speculative fiction, will release its first title on October 16: Two and Twenty Dark Tales: Dark Retellings of Mother Goose Rhymes.

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