Michael Gorra’s new critical biography, Portrait of a Novel: Henry James and the Making of an American Masterpiece, tells the story of how James’ most popular and enduring novel, The Portrait of a Lady, came to be written; and of what happened to him because of it. Gorra, the Mary Augusta Jordan Professor of English at Smith College, gives us his favorites of the prolific writer’s novels and longer stories. The Top 10 Henry James Novels

Which scares you most? A. A horror story about a werewolf killing teenage girls. B. A mystery about a murderer running with wild wolves. C. A sentimental tale about a helpful, reincarnated dog. Catch this Washington Post look at all three: Canine Tales

David Cronenberg remembers being asked by Oliver Stone: “David, does it bother you to be such a marginal filmmaker?” His reply: “Well, Oliver, it depends. How big of an audience do you need?” Therein lies the secret to the success of one of Canada’s most admired and famous directors, whose latest effort is Cosmopolis. Director driven to new risk

I have frequently had a very contentious relationship with The Walking Dead comic (written by Robert Kirkman). Four years ago, when Kirkman elected to kill off a large portion of the regular cast, including an infant girl, I went on a tirade that lasted for weeks. I was angry at Kirkman for his “betrayal” of the fans, and their affection or attachment to long-standing characters. Later though, I realized that my extreme emotional reaction to the comic was a rare thing, and that it was preferable to ambivalence. At least TWD is provocative. My take on the book went from “I’m never reading this again” to “top of the pile, read it immediately.” But the most recent issue, #100, is very distressing. The True Horror of The Walking Dead Comics

On a typical night at Dr. Joshua Aaron’s sleep center, patients settle into the center’s hotel-like bedrooms and, save for the presence of a few electrodes, drift off into a normal night’s sleep. But over the last two weeks, happenings at the sleep center have taken a turn for the nightmarish: six patients have met an aggressor with a dark secret – and one by one, they have all disappeared. Horror film shot at sleep centers in Elkton and Havre de Grace

When asked about returning to horror Sam Raimi said, “I’m thrilled to be able to make bigger budget pictures… but I’m really excited about making another horror movie. I’m writing one with my brother right now and I’m really looking forward to it. Sam Raimi Is Writing A New Horror Movie!

Whether you call it romantic horror, romantic suspense/thriller, or dark romance, it’s a tricky genre to write. Many consider horror and romance at odds with one another. The audience of one genre typically isn’t fond of the other and vice versa. A lot of romance fans don’t want to be terrified, and some horror fans don’t like the mushy parts. How to blend the two successfully then? The Dark Kiss – Writing Romantic Horror

With what may seem an effrontery regard in response to the obsession for all things vampire, author Sean Adkins has made it his quest as a writer to revive Lycanthropy through the ShapeShift Series. Author Sean Adkins’s new title Wolfen: Bloodlines is a horror lover’s treat

Quality terror meets the page, printer, distributor and retailers on a near daily basis. Keeping up with it seems all but impossible, but for those of us driven by internal beasts that eat at the psyche, delivering constant pressure and inundation to seek out the greatest works possible, seem to find a way, and adequate time to cram countless pages of stellar fiction into our brains. 5 Contemporary Horror Novels You Must Read ASAP

Clive Martyn is a writer of dark fiction and poetry – in particular speculative fiction (fantasy, sci-fi and horror). A number of Clive’s short stories, poetry and flash fiction have been published in magazines and anthologies. His debut novel, a modern vampire horror, Sunset Hotel has just been published by Etopia Press. Meet Clive Martyn – Author

This is “not a subcommittee of blue-nosed censors,” the chairman Robert Hendrickson claims, in his introductory remarks at these famous Congressional hearings on the link between comic books and juvenile delinquency, broadcast over WNYC on April 21, 1954. Get an historical perspective: Senate Subcommittee on Juvenile Delinquency: Comic Books, “Soda-pop,” and Societal Harm

Spooky Reads reviews Adam Nevill’s tale of apocalyptic cult-based horror in supernatural book Last Days.

The Dark Verse is a universe of occult and fantastical horror stories, flash fiction, and music created by M. Amanuensis Sharkchild. These works of the strange have the sole purpose of following you to the visions of your sleep. Some of the material on The Dark Verse may hold ideas and descriptions that may not be suitable for all listeners. Although the content is clean of explicit language, it does contain dark themes and disturbing references. Episode 81 of The Dark Verse is out!

Todd Lincoln admits he will be more than happy if The Apparition freaks out young fans of his cast’s respective blockbuster franchises. “To me, it’s like this ultimate trick,” says the director. “There’s no getting around it, with that kind of cast, their fans are going to come out. So I decided to make things even more terrifying. There’s something exciting about that idea of getting them in there, and they think they’re going to be safe because they know the actors, and then they find out very quickly that they are not safe. That they are in trouble. It’ll be interesting to terrorize the kids and make them have to sleep with the lights on.” The Apparition director Todd Lincoln talks about his new horror movie

Eli Roth’s Goretorium in Las Vegas may just be the kind of gruesome, bloody year-round destination horror fans have been salivating for, and Roth himself is as giddy as a twisted school boy about it. Eli Roth swoons over his haunted Vegas Goretorium hotel, and talks working with RZA

August 20th, “weird fiction” fans everywhere toasted the birth of Howard Phillips Lovecraft, more commonly known as H.P. Lovecraft. Though Lovecraft left this world in 1937, his prolific short stories, poems and essays continue to feed the imagination and nightmares of readers around the world, including fanboy and author Stephen King, the creators of the Batman series and the band Metallica. Just what makes that particular brand of Lovecraftian horror? Strange Horizons describes Lovecraft’s unique way of conveying fear on paper: the Short, Unhappy Life of H.P. Lovecraft

Thriller author Jennifer Hillier’s Freak can be described in a few words: brilliant, intense, fast-paced, terrifying and an edge of your seat thriller. Hillier’s master storytelling continues in her sequel to Creep, which was chosen by Suspense Magazine as one of 2011’s best novels. Review: Freak by Jennifer Hillier

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