Not enough found footage horror films in your life? How about we add another? Producer Tony DeRosa-Grund, chairman of Evergreen Media Group, is planning a found footage horror films around the Amityville Horror story — because there hasn’t been enough movies about that yet. Another Amityville Horror movie in the works…

It turns out that there was a real-life horror story behind the making of Alfred Hitchcock’s classic thriller, The Birds. In an interview for HBO’s “The Girl,” which chronicles actress Tippi Hedren’s troubled relationship with Hitchcock, she talked about the harassment she experienced while working with the master of suspense.

A Dutch researcher at the Aarhus University, for whom the prize is named, Dr. Clasen is in the news with his theory explaining the widespread taste for horror movies and fiction. If you’ve ever enjoyed a Stephen King novel or a feature film by Wes Craven, it all goes back to the East African savannah. Researcher Mathias Clasen Credits Evolution for Our Horror Movie Fascination…

Thriller writer James Patterson was the world’s top-earning author in 2011-12 according to Forbes magazine, with the writer earning an estimated $94m from his books in the past year. His fortune dwarfs even the second author on the list, Stephen King, whose variety of books, including horror, fantasy and literary fiction, have earned him an estimated $39 million in the past 12 months.

By his own admission, Francis Ford Coppola is having fun, and who can blame him? At 73, his place in film history as one of the great directors secure, he’s just kicking back. He’s got money and is willing to spend a little of it to make his own films. Twixt is an old-school horror film, only his third trip into the genre (he made Dementia 13 for Roger Corman in 1963, and Bram Stoker’s Dracula in 1992). Read the full review…

“I’ve thought a lot about this summer and what it means,” a reflective Seth Grahame-Smith said recently over a cup of coffee. “On one hand I got to make two movies with some extraordinary visionary filmmakers… On the other, the movies didn’t work. So while it’s great to be on the scoreboard, you also have to own the fact that you’re now 0-2.” Now, Seth Grahame-Smith wants to resurrect Beetlejuice, It

Stephen King’s sequel to his blockbuster 1977 horror novel The Shining will be released in January. The novel, titled Doctor Sleep, has for a protagonist Dan Torrance, the grownup Danny Torrance of The Shining. Danny who, haunted by his past, has spent his adulthood drifting, is now middle-aged. He settles in an AA community and gets a job at a nursing home. He uses his “shining” ability to help patients find peace as they depart this life, and earns himself the nickname that is the book’s title. Stephen King’s Shining Sequel

Writing tips are like mini skirts. Sometimes they fit perfectly, sometimes they make you cry, and sometimes you can reuse the material and sew yourself a pillow or something. Maybe a few of these will work for you. 5 Writing Tips from Chelsea Cain

Matt and Debbie Cowans suggest that Katherine Mansfield was obsessed with the monstrous and the macabre and that such details were inexplicably deleted from her published stories. Mansfield With Monsters takes 17 stories by Mansfield and reveals the so-called original versions. Book Review: Mansfield With Monsters

On Aug. 9, Cohen Media released the first 10 minutes of British horror film The Awakening, directed and co-written by Nick Murphy. The supernatural period piece takes place in England, set shortly after World War I. The story focuses on Florence Cathcart (Rebecca Hall, The Town, Dorian Gray), an author on the supernatural, a ghost hunter and a skeptic.

AICN HORROR: Lyzard talks with writer Kim Newman about all things vampire and his newly released Titan Book The Bloody Red Baron!

Brandon Cronenberg, son of David, has opted for a horrific sci-fi premise in his first feature film, Antiviral. It’s almost as though he contracted the bug from somewhere…

First published in 1933 and out of print for the past 40 years (except for a handsome limited edition from Centipede Press), Guy Endore’s The Werewolf of Paris may finally be coming into its own.

An acclaimed East Lancashire author has written a horror novella based on the Pendle witches. The Daylight Gate by Accrington writer Jeanette Winterson, marries the writer’s style with that of legendary British horror film company Hammer.

Mulholland Books celebrates the publication of Michael Koryta’s The Prophet with Michael’s interview with Dean Koontz, which originally appeared on

IO9 has published the first 40 pages of Devil Said Bang, the fourth of Richard Kadrey’s kick-ass, super-gritty demonic supernatural horror Sandman Slim novels (the first three were Sandman Slim, Kill the Dead, and Aloha From Hell).

A unique new graphic novel titled Infex is now available for iPad 2 and is scheduled to launch its next phase this month. The graphic novel blends as many storytelling genres as it does creative mediums to tell the story of Evelyn “Ivy” Kendall in a futuristic world. Dread Central recently sat down with the creator of Infex, video game director and producer Keith Arem, to discuss his creative new approach to the graphic novel.

During an earnings call on Monday, new THQ president Jason Rubin announced that the publisher had cancelled the horror trilogy, InSane, from movie director Guillermo del Toro. Saying that THQ is now focusing on games where the risk/reward quotient is “favorable for a company of our size.”

This debut novel by Michael Boccacino is a Victorian Gothic tale, a horror novel with vividly written images. It’s part fantasy and part horror. The books moves between being scary and bizarre. For readers into horror, fantasy and paranormal, this is a good fit. Books: Charlotte Markham and the House of Darkling

Simon Strantzas is the author of the critically-acclaimed Cold to the Touch (Tartarus Press, 2009), a collection of thirteen tales of the strange and supernatural. His first collection, Beneath the Surface (Humdrumming, 2008), has been called “one of the most important debut short story collections in the genre.” Interview: Simon Strantzas and the Weird

Peter Heller is the latest author to explore a post-apocalyptic world – but with one key difference. There are no supernatural monsters. The only things to be afraid of in The Dog Stars are other humans.

His American counterpart, Stephen King, has seen the vast majority of his books turned into either film or television serials. They have sold millions and inspired a new generation of American horror writers. For James Herbert the son of a London stall holder on Brick Lane, there have been very few adaptations of his books. British Horror Writer James Herbert To Finally Get The B.B.C. Treatment.

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