WarlashFrank Forte has announced that Asylum Press will release the original graphic novel Warlash as an ongoing web comic series and digital comic app.

Warlash, an armored warrior of the apocalyptic future, is back with a vengeance. This web comic reintroduces Warlash with a myriad of short tales of hard boiled crime noir action and terror. With interior art by Frank Forte, Szymon Kudranski, Steve Mannon and cover images by Bruno Werneck, Ben Olson and Aly Fell these tales of mutant cyborgs, satanic rituals and seedy crimelords jump to off the page.

Frank Forte describes, “One part tortured hero, two parts hard core action, with a heaping helping of desperate femme fatales and thugs mixed with the hearbeat of a dirty Pittsburgh is the strong stiff drink we are offering fans. We want to introduce Warlash with these short noir vignettes. It will give the readers a chance to see the character, his environments and the nasty villians he will encounter. Everyone deals with inner demons and some of the baddies he fights are in his own head.”

Warlash: Dark Noir #1 is 100% free and available on Comixology, ComicsPlus (Iverse), Graphicly, Diamond Digital, MyDigitalComics, DrivethruComics, Amusedom as well as on stand alone apps and epubs on KindleFire, Nook, Kobo, ibookstore, and Googlebooks. Forthcoming issues will all be $.99.

Other storylines being developed are: Warlash: Zombie Mutant Genesis, Warlash: Cyborg, and Warlash: Mutant X.

“We wanted to make the book inexpensive and available to as many people as possible,” explains publisher Frank Forte.

“We’re very excited about the possibility of reaching so many people all over the world,“ explains publisher Frank Forte, “tablets and smart phone ownership is exploding and we want to provide great comics content. The one obstacle we face is coordinating releases an all platforms and devices. We’ll be updating which comics are available on which platforms on our website.”

The Warlash web comic is updated Monday, Wednesday and Friday and can be seen at: Warlash

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