Frank Forte, publisher of Asylum Press, has announced the release of a 4 page preview of the tongue in cheek pulp book Fearless Dawn #2.

The synopsis of issue #2 can be described as this: “Hopped up out of their freakin’ minds on the Combat ‘Power’ drug, Fearless Dawn,(heroine extraordinaire), and Number Seven (her manly love interest) go on a rampage through Helga’s camp. The combat monster versions of Fearless Dawn and Old Number Seven smash a lot of stuff and maim aplenty as they make their exciting escape. Meanwhile, the Syndicate sends in a secret weapon to aid in the rescue.

“Back in February’s Previews there was a book from Asylum Press called Fearless Dawn that went largely unnoticed by fans and retailers. The entire industry went on rolling without giving it a second glance, and like many small press books it nearly slipped into obscurity without reaching the core readers in our hobby. But when a copy of it made its way across my desk, I knew from first glance it was something special that people needed to see,” commented Jim Kuhoric of Diamond Comics Distributors.

“I am excited to bring Fearless Dawn to a full-color series,” says creator Steve Mannion. “This is a dream project and I’m having a blast.”

“We’ll be updating the website and blog on a regular basis so fans can see pencil to ink pages, colors, thumbnails and interact with Steve,” says publisher Frank Forte.

The Publication schedule is as follows. Fearless Dawn:Special Edition #1 (ships November 2009), Fearless Dawn #2 (ships December 2009), Fearless Dawn #3 (ships February 2010), and Fearless Dawn #4 (ships March 2010),

You can catch the preview here: Fearless Dawn #2

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